Using interactive quizzes in your online marketing strategy with Interact

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Using interactive quizzes in your online marketing strategy with Interact


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You guys know by now that I’m a huge Amy Porterfield fan. She’s amazing! I listen to her podcast alll the time, and she did one a little while ago about how to choose the right lead magnet for your audience. I’ve been working on building my email list, and so I was really interested to hear that she recommended quizzes as one of her lead magnets.

I also love Neil Patel and all of his great digital marketing advice, and I’ve read some of his content about using quizzes in your marketing too. Suffice to say I was pretty convinced on the whole quiz front, but I wrote it off a bit as I thought it sounded like a big undertaking and not something I had enough experience or knowledge to put together.

So not too long after I listened to Amy’s podcast where she was talking about creating quizzes, I got an email through my website from a company called Interact. Interact have created a software that helps you build and use interactive quizzes to generate leads for your business. Crazy timing, right?!

Since I had already been toying with the idea of doing this but had sort of written it off, when they asked me if I wanted to try out their software and become an Interact Partner if I liked it, I decided it would definitely be worth a try.


Getting set up

Once I agreed to give Interact a try, I organised a time to chat with one of their Partner Managers. She was super nice! Our call lasted around half an hour and she spoke me through their software, how to create a quiz from scratch or a template, how to segment the results into my mailing list, and how to look through the analytics in their dashboard.

Interact have a few great resources that help you work through how to create your own interactive quiz that I looked at after my call too. It was super helpful to have everything there to look through too; I needed a bit of reminding after I got through to list segmentation etc.


Brainstorming my quiz topic

Because this was a trial and not something I was still totally sure about, I decided to create my quiz from one of the templates that are available in Interact. I knew I wanted my quiz to be relevant for my audience, so something around what type of website would work best for your business, or testing digital marketing knowledge for fun. I ended up going with ‘How Well Do You Know Digital Marketing’ (which you’ll know, if you tried it…!).

Here, I believe, was the first mistake I made with my quiz. This feels a little generic, and not specific enough for my audience and their problems. So my first lesson learned is, with my next quiz I’m going to do more thorough brainstorming around a topic that is more specific to my audience and helps them get a different perspective on the problems they face with their website and digital marketing.

Building my quiz from a template

Once I decided that I’d probably try my quiz from a template, I selected that option from the quiz creation menu. I looked through all of their templates and selected the categories Business, Marketing, Software and Development. I then selected the ‘Assessment’ quiz model (there’s also Personality or Scored), and chose a template called ‘How Much Do You Actually Know About Online Marketing?’

At this stage, there are quite a few templates you can preview (depending on how many categories you chose), and it was fun looking through them all and choosing which one I wanted to work with.


Cover page and branding

Once I’d chosen my template, I was taken to the next screen where I chose my own cover image and set up the branding for my quiz. This was my first taste of editing the quiz within the software, and almost every element of it is able to be edited and changed.

So I started by changing my cover photo. A cool feature here is that you can upload your own photo (I chose a stock image I’d used for social media posts), or you can choose a stock photo from directly within their image editor.

Once I changed my cover photo, I also updated the name of the quiz, uploaded my logo, and set my brand colours to be used throughout.


Questions and answers

Within the same quiz editor, you can then work through all of your questions and answers. I worked through the whole quiz and made a few minor changes but overall, left the questions as they were. I did also add and change images throughout the quiz to break up the text and tie in with my branding.

You have a ton of different options here to add images for every answer, change the right answer, add explanations for each answer, choosing whether to reveal the correct answer, etc. Like I mentioned, I chose the Assessment quiz model, mostly because I thought that would be fun and easy for people taking the quiz and also because I thought it might be a bit easier to put together than the Personality model.



I categorized the results into ‘Online Marketing Beginner’, ‘You Know More Than The Average Business Owner’, and ‘Online Marketing Expert’. I again edited all of the results to be a little more specific for my audience, and added different pictures to fit the aesthetic of the rest of my quiz.

I used the call to action buttons below my results to lead my audience to different pages on my website that are relevant to their results. I was hoping to lead my audience to consume more information on my website, and start looking at my services pages there in the hopes that they get a better understanding of who I am and what I do.


Integration with my email list

I use Mailchimp for my email list, so this integrates really well with Interact’s software. I set up each quiz result and corresponding user to be added to my main mailing list, and also opted for GDPR compliant double opt-in. Finally, I set up my form field mapping, and then tested the integration to make sure it was all working.

You also have the option here to set up merge tags for each answer and question, which I will definitely be doing with my next quiz. This helps you to serve your audience in the most relevant way possible!


Adding my quiz to my website

I decided to go for an announcement bar on my website, as well as publishing a short blog post linking to it on my site and sharing it several times across my social media channels. You can see that since everything is able to be customized, I can edit the accountement bar to show in my brand colours and tie in easily with my website and branding.


Analytics funnel

I really enjoyed the analytics here; simple and easy to use. You can see the results from my first quiz here:

Initially, I wasn’t that happy with my results. However, firstly I had to bear in mind that it had only been up on my site for two weeks and while I did share it on social media, I could have shared it much more often.

I also feel that (as I mentioned earlier), the quiz I created wasn’t as well thought out as it could have been to be more relevant to my audience.

Now that I have tried one quiz out and seen how easy it is to create them with Interact, I have a much better idea of which quiz I’m going to create next that will be perfect for you guys, so watch this space!


To sum it all up…

I was excited to try Interact’s software and really enjoyed it! Every aspect of building the quiz was fun and easy, as well as easy to customise so that I was able to make it personal to me and my brand. I can’t wait to make another one now that I’ve tried one out and learnt from it, and I’ll make sure to let you guys know when it’s live so that you can try it out!

I would totally recommend trying out building a quiz with Interact if you’re working on your lead generation and want to try out fun ways to grow your email list!

Now that I’m a partner with Interact, I do receive a small commission if you decide you want to try it out and you sign up using my link here. I would love to hear what you think if you decide to try it out!

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