Let me help you show up online in a way that feels good

It’s not enough to just be online anymore; you need to stand out. You have a message you want to share with the world,  you’re dreaming of a bigger impact, and you need a magical website that’s going to help you do it.

An amazing website for your soul-based biz

A website that converts needs to catch the eye of your visitors straight away and keep them interested, as well as being easy to navigate. High quality photos, well-written copy, SEO optimisation and your users journey are all really important aspects we need to think about to create a website you can be proud of. I’ll work through every aspect of your website build with you, and make a site that you’ll be over the moon with that portrays your brand perfectly.

Where do we start?

What’s your big vision for your business?

Keeping that front of mind, we start working through your site together to create a website that matches your vision and gets you there faster.

Once we decide to work together, we’ll work through my tried and tested design process that will leave you feeling over the moon and excited instead of overwhelmed and embarrassed with your site.

What does your website build include?


Getting Started

– We decide we’ll work together and get really excited; I then start to stalk you online and we become best friends (just kidding….kind of)
– We get into Y O U. You’ve seen websites that you love and think that’s what you want but what we’re going to do is capture YOUR identity and expertise, build your credibility, dig deep into your work and connection with your audience to make sure your website is 100%, authentically you and not little pieces of what other people have done that you think you like the look of.
– I watch your audience and community and take in how you communicate with them and what they love most about you.
– We have an initial in-depth meeting where I hear all about your big, bold vision about your website, your vision and your ideal client (plus I get to experience your amazing energy that your ideal clients love about you, which then gets captured in real life website form and can keep working for you 24/7, 365).


The Build

– We pull together a Pinterest inspo board and work on your content together.

– I build you a custom ‘Coming Soon’ page with contact details, social links and/or email list signup so your audience can still connect with you while we’re working on your site.

-We work through my specially created Trello boards so you can see what’s happening every step of the way.

-I build you an amazing WordPress website that will captivate your soul aligned ideal clients and inspire them to work with you. 

-We integrate all of your social platforms and email marketing, look at your website goals and overarching digital marketing strategy to make sure your website is optimised for this.

-Everything is SEO optimised with Google Search Console and Analytics set up.

-We collaborate the whole way through this process and then you have time to go over your whole site and we work on any changes you’d like done.



Here’s the AWESOME part – we set your site live!! <3

-When your site is exactly what you envisioned and feels amazing, we’ll pick a date and set you live.

-We can meet/chat on zoom/I’ll make videos to show you how to do simple text and photo changes to your website, how to update your blog, and anything else you might need to know about how to use your WordPress site.

-We talk about effective ways for you to use your website as part of your overall digital marketing strategy so you can make sure you keep using it to keep growing your biz.

-I work closely with you post-launch to give you the support you need.

-My clients are my people and finishing our projects together is uncannily like that horrible empty feeling when you’re finished reading Harry Potter. So we become best friends/find other ways to work together <3

-Your amazing business gets a serious uplevel because you bet on yourself and cared for your clients enough to invest in yourself and step into that next level of your big vision. You and your website live happily ever after, learning how to live with the jealous stares of your other biz besties.

Client Love

Hey what an amazing experience. So easy from the first contact to the site going live. Marissa’s skill vision and creativity have given me absolutely confidence that the website will achieve all the goals we want to for fill. Can not recommend her more highly.
Marissa made the whole process of building a new website for an organisation I am a member of so straightforward and stress free. Her vision for our site was spot on, we have had so many fantastic comments now that the site is live. Marissa was highly professional, very fast with her responses, took time to explain things thoroughly and was a joy to work with. Thank you so much Marissa can't recommend you enough!
Working with Marissa was such a joy, so straight forward and uncomplicated. Thank you Marissa for going above and beyond to give me the site I wanted and for always helping and answering my endless questions. I would 100% recommend Marissa Waite Creative.
I love how visually pleasing my website is after Marissa rebuilt it for me. I used a different website building platform before and it’s been a small learning curve, but overall it’s been a very smooth transition and I get way better results! Thank you Marissa!!!
I'm thrilled with the results; design, layouts, graphics - everything delivered to time and exactly how I wanted it to look. Couldn't be more chuffed!
We have a website designed by the brilliant Marissa Waite Creative. It's been great working with Marissa on this new site. Give her a shout if you're looking to give your site a fresh new look.

Your website is the most powerful tool in your business and when it's a direct extension of you and your energy, it will feel like magic and uplevel your business .

Is This You?

– You hate showing people your website because you know it doesn’t look good and is hard to navigate. 

-You’re not even sure what should really be on it and how to pull everything together so it all looks pretty thrown together.

-You don’t use your website within your digital marketing strategy because you’re not sure how.

-You don’t make any money from your website.

-You’ve been in a business a few years and DIY’d your first site, but you know you need something amazing to build the credibility and authority you need to hit that next level in your biz.

-You’re scared working with someone on your website will be complicated and you won’t know what’s happening.

Working with me will take you from there, to...

– Having an incredible website that you can’t wait to share with people.

-Having a website that you know how to confidently use after launch to do things like post blogs, add products to your shop, check your analytics, etc.

-Being the type of business owner who goes from closing 1/5 leads to 4/5, and who’s leads consistently say they went to your website and couldn’t stop looking through it from start to finish (true story btw; I have a client who recently had a lead spend 45 minutes looking through her whole site. How much easier would it be to build that credibility and authority you know you can have if your website captivated your audience that much?)

-Being confident to use your website ALL the time in your business and know it’s a beautiful representation of your energy, and helps your audience on their journey to deciding they want to work with you.

I'm in! What's next?

You can book a free discovery call with me here, or send me more details about your website build via the form below. Either way, it’s always great to have a chat to see if we’d be a good fit to work together. 

Once we have a chat about everything you’d love to include on your website and I know what type of site you need, how many pages and what sort of functionality, I’ll give you a custom quote for your build.


That depends on a few factors:

  • The functionality you need on your website.
  • How much content you have ready and how much we need to work on together.
  • My current design schedule and how much space I have.

Generally, from paying your deposit to launching, builds take around 4-8 weeks. This is sometimes longer if I have other projects currently underway/planned next.

I’ll give you an individual quote based specifically on your project. However, my website builds usually range from £2000 – £5000 + depending on what you need. This can be split into several payments over the project depending what would suit you best.

I also offer 1 website build slot a month at a reduced rate for creatives (musicians, artist, etc) so please get in touch if you fall into this category and would like to have a chat.

Yup! 🙂 wordpress is easy to use once you get going.

Once your site goes live, we’ll have a meeting/zoom call and/or I’ll make you videos showing you how to do things like update blogs and make small copy and photo changes.

95% of the time, I use WordPress! I always aim to give you the website that will work best for you though, and have also done work on Shopify and Squarespace.

Yes indeed!

We’ll research and choose your target keywords and make sure we’re using them throughout your site, as well as installing an SEO plugin, optimising images and talking about best practices for SEO moving forward.

Let's do this

You’re a big dreamer with a message you want to share with the world. My passion is helping people like you create a way bigger impact and income by having an amazing website that helps them to do exactly that. If you’re tired of floundering around in the dark and you’re not sure how to pull together your branding, copy, photos, business strategy and goals and create one amazing and super clear website that inspires your audience to take action, you can stop worrying. You’re in the right place! Let’s go for it.

That overjoyed and slightly anxious feeling you have right now is exactly what you want. This is you stepping up, believing in yourself and caring enough about your audience to serve them at a higher level.