I build beautifully designed and responsive websites.

A well designed website should catch the eye of your visitors straight away and keep them interested, as well as being easy to navigate. Fun fact: did you know that visitors will form an opinion of your website within 0.05 seconds of laying eyes on it?! That’s not very long to create a good first impression! The best way to your visitors interested in your site amongst the hundreds of other similar ones on Google is to have a catchy homepage.

Nicely taken photos and well written, SEO optimised content are paramount to a good website. A lot of work goes into getting this ready before the front end of the website build can start. I’ll work closely with you on this, and will tailor needs on a per-client basis depending on how much you can do yourself and how much you’d like done for you. We’ll also look at what websites you already like, how you envision your new site looking, and the message you want to get across to your customers so that we both know exactly what you’re aiming for.

I love being so involved and invested in projects for clients that I really click with, and being in charge of every aspect of a site build is what I truly love.

Maybe you don’t need a site built from scratch; you have something that was designed 5 or 10 years ago that’s looking a bit outdated and needs redesigned. That gives us a great starting point, and I can do a total redesign on your old site! Maybe you need help with everything else to do with your website: domain name, hosting, emails, web design, initial SEO optimisation…if that totally stresses you out and you want me to take care of it all for you, just get in touch with me.

My background of working in a small business means that I’m used to being involved in every step of a project. Chatting about the bigger picture with clients gets me excited about completing their vision for their website, but I also love keeping on top of everything, staying organised, and ticking off my to do list. Prices will vary slightly depending on exactly what you need, so if you want a web designer who really cares about building you a website that is going to wow your customers, drop me a line here to get started.

Want to take a look at some of my work before you book me for a project? Sure thing! Here’s some of my recent work: