Hey! I'm Marissa.

I’m a freelance web designer and digital marketer. I love working with clients who know how important it is for their business to be online in a big way! My favourite people to work with are invested in the process of creating great websites and work continuously on their online marketing. 

My background is in project management and digital marketing. I worked as part of a small agency for years before making the jump into freelance work. I love working for myself, but having great clients to connect with makes me so happy!  

I believe taking a personal approach and interest in each of my projects helps give my clients a unique experience that they won’t get with a bigger company who have more of a ‘get-them-in-get-them-out’ mentality. With me, you’ll get a much more personal approach to your project that will be apparent from start to finish.

When I’m not busy working on my business you’ll find me hanging out with my little family, drinking tea, running, doing some yoga, or reading (and let’s be honest, on Instagram, because that’s my favourite)!

Up Close & Personal

Want to know more about me?

Where I'm From

I’m Canadian but I’ve been living in Scotland since 2006! I love it here but definitely want to move back to Canada someday.

My Music

I have a BA in Scottish Music from the RCS in Glasgow. I play the bodhrán and have my own online music courses

My Family

My little family are my why! My husband and I have two young boys and we live in the countryside in Scotland.

I'm really passionate about my work. I love working with awesome clients, and taking the stress out of getting their business online makes me so happy!

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