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big vision.

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Your website isn't just a little piece of the picture in your online biz.

It IS the big picture.

You and I both know this isn’t your first time around the block.  You’ve been in business for a while and you’re SO ready for that next level that you’ve been yearning for.

By now, you’ve also realised that what got you here won’t get you there. You know you need to be that next level business owner and live in your big, exciting vision for your biz now, to actually get there.

But something’s still missing and you can’t figure out what, right?

You made your website on your own when you started (good for you!), and it was fine at first. But now, when your real, beautiful soul aligned clients visit it, instead of feeling all YAAAAY they’re more like, ‘ummm what’s this?’,  and you know it just isn’t working for you anymore.

Not exactly what you were aiming for, eh?

That’s where I come in.

And this is where the magic happens.

This is where you start living in your big, exciting vision for what you know you want to create in your business and ultimately, how you want to show up in your life.

“Marissa is professional, highly responsive, and very intuitive. I told her what I wanted and gave her my website copy, photos, and color palette , but what she created using her talent is a stunning website! It brings me such joy and I am proud of it. This is my second time working with her. I really appreciate how she seems to know me better than I know myself (intuitive) and chooses images I didn’t even know about to make my site stunning. Thank you, Thank you. You are amazing Marissa. I highly recommend her if you are a creative, heart centered entrepreneur. She will help you look professional and feel great about your website!!!”

-Clare Sente


Website Design for ambitious, heart centred entrepreneurs

Your brand, your message, photography, content, blogs, SEO, analytics, contact forms…all the things! I’ll bring this all to life on your website and guide you through the whole process. More importantly than that, we’ll work together so closely that you’ll have a website that not only does everything you need and converts, but it will be a true representation of your energy and capture the unwavering attention of your soul aligned clients.

Your energy + self-belief + an amazing website = a crazy big uplevel

Okay, okay. You get the idea.

Or do you, really?

If you did, you’d be tripping over yourself to make sure your website really portrayed your energy to your ideal clients; after all, it’s the one place that’s working for you online 24/7, 365.

Hearing more about where you’re at in your biz and what a great next step for you would be is one of my favourite parts of the process. Book a free discovery call with me and we can have a chat to see if we’d like working together.

“I commissioned Marissa to build a website for me in 2021. Working with Marissa was an absolute dream! She is methodical, organised, super talented, fun and super helpful. Using trello to manage our communications made the process so slick – and there was always an easy reference point to check back on the build and figure out what was required from my end. I love my site – it’s just what I wanted/needed – and conveys my messaging and brand really well. She has also been really patient in helping me to figure out how to update and manage my site once it went live. I would highly recommend Marissa for all of your website needs!”

-Gemma Gwynne


Happy clients

Marissa has crafted a stunningly beautiful website for me – I love it so much. She is very professional, incredibly well-organised and responsive, so patient, and really an absolute dream to work with! She intuitively captured the energy I wanted and truly does bring the magic to website design – it is everything I wanted and oh so much more. It was important to me that my website went live on the Spring Equinox and with the energy of the New Moon, and she worked with me to ensure we met that target, even though I was late in delivering copy to her. More than that, she actually went above and beyond and made the website live at the exact moment of the Equinox - it couldn’t get more magical!
I am so happy to have found Marissa & that she had the time to build my website Happyhormonesseeds.com I run my own businesses and have a family so needed to hand over this aspect of my business to an expert as i had neither the time nor the skills required. Marissa was brilliant from start to finish. We had an initial call and she was able to find out what i had in mind. The process was quick and smooth and Marissa answered all of my questions quickly and helped to guide me through the process. I am delighted with my website and the automated options now available through Shopify. I recommend Marissa 100%.
Marissa refreshed my whole website at a point where I was ready to move from building it myself, to getting someone professional to do it, and the difference in functionality and appearance is beyond belief. I can't even begin to estimate the time I've saved on trying to do it myself!

I'd highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a full build, or just a refresh. The extra little touches make it a joy to navigate my site now, and she even talked me through updating the bits I need frequently change (like my links page).

I also know several of her other clients, and their websites are beautiful too. In a world of hard to navigate, clunky websites, it is a joy to visit one of Marissa's websites.
Marissa just totally gets me, and what I'm about, and crafted a website that I love more than I could possibly have imagined! Her attention to detail, and the spirit of discovery that she built into my site (with little hidden bits and flip over bits etc) I just love - it has so much more life and fluidity to it than before, which is amazing because I didn't even know how much it was lacking that, until she'd made the new one! She's also so amazing to work with and I highly recommend her services
Huge gratitude to the amazing Marissa Waite Creative who has built me the most beautiful new website. Which I absolutely LOVE. I do know how to build websites and can do a reasonable job at making them look ok...but who wants 'reasonable' or 'ok' when it comes to your website?!

If you'd be interested in getting some help, I really recommend Marissa. She absolutely got what I wanted, she made great suggestions and has such an eye for design and detail as well as functionality.

I was scared to look at it, I had so many doubts about myself and this project. And this just made me so excited about it all. It's so beautiful! You really took my idea and brought it to life!

Your website is your energy, online. And when it truly shows that, your soul aligned clients will be completely captured by it.

How quickly will your biz grow once you step into your big vision, invest in yourself and show the universe you're ready for more?