Community and Learning with Brie from Snag Tights

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Community and Learning with Brie from Snag Tights


Today I attended an awesome event hosted by Orlaith Brogan.  The speaker she organised for the event was Brie Read, CEO of Snag Tights.

Brie just finished her first year with Snag Tights, to the fine tune of £2.3 million….wow! Hearing her talk was inspiring to say the least. She has a background in marketing and really knows her stuff.

She spoke us through doing her market research with Google Surveys, which pointed out a massive gap in the market for a product people also said would fundamentally change their lives. She had an idea, did her research, launched her product and has built an amazing (huge!) and most importantly highly inclusive community around it. 

Building her business

Brie has unapologetically built her business, her way. She has a team of around 10 and offers flexible working to all her employees. Her creative on her ads and content on her website is totally inclusive and representative of women of all shapes and sizes.

She involves her audience in so many aspects of her business and does what they tell her they want, not just what she thinks they want. With a raving community of 29.4k on Instagram and 94k on Facebook of happy customers and her turnover stats in her first year of business, she’s clearly running her business the right way!

I think people are getting fed up with the highly polished and ‘perfect’ images of what we should look like and the 9-5 life we’re all supposed to love. We see this constantly on social media and advertised by large companies, and I wholeheartedly believe that companies with values like Snag Tights are going to be the way of the future. Do you?

Marketing strategies

Brie spoke about a few important points around marketing that are definitely worth a think.

Snag Tights involve their audience in many aspects of what they do. When they decided to start putting ads on tv, they asked their followers to create and submit their own ads showing why they love Snag Tights. I’m guessing the response to these is going to be huge! User generated content like this is so important and useful; it helps others imagine what it would feel like to own your product too, and acts basically as a referral instead of you recommending yourself.

We went pretty in-depth talking about Facebook Ads as well as how to maintain a consistent message but different content across all of your social channels. She spoke about how they use ‘day in, day out marketing’; basically, showing up every day for your audience and marketing directly to them. Consistency and visibility are so important!

We also discussed a lot around content, and how you should be creating lots of high quality content for your audience that is either something you would want to share yourself, or they would find really valuable. 

She also gave us lots of great strategies we could take away and implement in our own businesses today, and a lot of it based around marketing and buyer psychology. I took a ton of notes and have a list to work through!

Each to their own

Of course, running your business exactly like Brie runs Snag Tights might not be the best for you, or yield the same results. To be honest, I found it so refreshing to hear someone so inspiring and successful talk about exactly how she launched and grew her business and doing it how she wanted to, to include her whole audience and not care what anyone else really thinks.

Learning and community

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen me on lives talking a bit about networking and the events that Orlaith runs. Going to networking and business events like this is not something I would have seen myself doing 6 months ago, but I love them! Her events that I’ve been to so far have been incredibly valuable, and it’s amazing to meet so many other successful women running their own businesses. It feels a lot less like networking and a lot more like learning and becoming really inspired.

Do you go to any networking or business events like this? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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