Hey, friend!

So glad to see you here. You’re in the early stages of your biz and can’t really afford to invest in your website, but you still need some help? I’ve got you.

Working with a designer on an amazing website feels like a bit too much of a stretch right now. 

I get it! And I would never encourage my clients to invest in something they’re not ready for. When you’re in the early stages of your business, it can be a lot to invest £1000 + into a website. 

But I hate not  being able to help you when you see the value in having a website that works for your biz.

Which is exactly why I created two easy to use Trello boards/short courses just for you. It means you get something valuable that will really help you at this stage in your journey, PLUS I still get to help you along your way 🙂 win, win!

Entering, my brand new short courses. Website Prep Wonder and SEO Success Blueprint

So what are these and how to they work?!

Website prep wonder

These are the exact Trello boards I work through with my clients in my pre-build process.

We look at everything from your brand identity, website goals, content, SEO optimisation to your site layout.

This can be the MOST difficult part of your website build, especially if you have no idea where to start. This process has been tried and tested with all of my clients over the last few years and will take you from totally confused to confident and organised with your build.

SEO Success Blueprint

SEO, eek!! Feels like a scary dark art, right?

It doesn’t have to.

When you optimise your site for SEO and start to gain and keep traffic on your website, you’ll start to see growth. This is an amazing long term strategy for your business. It doesn’t take a ton of work for you to start making a difference, but you do need to start now and take consistent action.

This course and trello board will take you through a 4 week SEO optimisation that will start creating tractio for your website.

Your website is the main home for your business online. It should capture who you are, and help you connect with and sell to your audience. Working through my short courses will help you create a website than can do the heavy lifting in your business.