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Welcome to my new space here in the corner of the world wide web, and thanks for stopping by. Running my own business doing something I love has been a dream of mine for a while. How did I get here though?


If we’re going way back, I’m a Canadian who moved over to Scotland 12 years ago (woah! Never imagined I’d still be here) to study at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where I completed my degree in Scottish Music; yes, such a thing does exist. While studying at the RCS and for quite a while after, I taught music while working a bit at a coffee shop. What was meant to be temporary turned into five years of teaching, gigging, recording and coffee shop working. I’ve played music from a young age and always really loved it, but knew then that I didn’t want to do this as my job for the rest of my life.


At some point thereafter, some of our friends had commenced a digital startup building apps and websites, mainly for restaurant owners and for food ordering. I started working with them and eventually went full time, first as a project manager and then as a digital marketing manager. As is the way with small businesses, you learn to do a bit of whatever is needed and this taught me many skills that I don’t think I would’ve learnt in a similar role at a larger company. On top of my main role, I also learnt quite a bit about building apps and working in WordPress.


My time there came to an end after about five years, and it felt like a natural time to go out on my own. I’ve learnt a lot about working in tech and have seen many different kinds of clients and ways of doing business. I’ve been longing for a change and a different way of working for quite a while. I love working in WordPress and have really enjoyed building sites start to finish on my own, to produce a final site that my clients love. I believe that having good photography can make or break a site, and I can give a personal touch to sites by doing all of the photography initially when possible. I then give clients access to all of their photos for their own uses, and this also gives their website a much more personal and comprehensive look.


My background in tech has given me a lot of ideas of ways that I definitely don’t want to work, and also taught me a lot of the skills I have now, and for that I’m grateful. I’m approaching my work with a different mindset and different goals. I love being in charge of my own projects from the beginning to the end, and I think my passion comes across in my work. I think for the client, having such a personal touch and someone so invested in your project makes a big difference. My background in project management means I love to be organised, tick off my to do’s, and keep on schedule.


So, let’s get going! Contact me here if you need a new website built, a site refresh, or would like some photography done.

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