Digital marketing is ever evolving, and something you must commit to learning about continuously.

My background is in digital marketing management, which is a role I loved and also found challenging due to the fact it is ever changing. If you’re investing in digital marketing, make sure you find someone who is committed to always learning more about it! I love following and engaging with key industry leaders, reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and expanding my knowledge of all things digital marketing.

I offer my digital marketing services either as a one-off bundle when building your site (or just on its own if needed), or else as a monthly package. Adding a one-off hit to your digital marketing efforts with aspects such as SEO optimisation and Mailchimp setup and automation creation when your website is built will go a long way to help you establish your online presence. Signing up with one of my monthly packages will ensure your growth will continue month on month.

Some of the areas I can help you with include:

Social Media Management

Content Marketing

Facebook Ads

Google Analytics

Email Marketing


Having an effective digital marketing strategy is time consuming to manage on an ongoing basis. Have you tried getting your social channels live, been posting on a semi-regular basis and hoping some clients might come across your content and be interested in the services or products you offer? Do you know which social channels you’re best to spend your time on? Or are you not even sure where to start?

You need to spend time on a mix of content creation, organic growth and paid ads to create a community of fans who will rave about you and spread the word; when you start doing this, that’s when you’ll be able to see a big difference in your return on investment with digital marketing. That’s why each of my monthly packages include time spent on social growth for each of your channels.

Get in touch with me today and we can discuss what aspects of digital marketing will best serve your business.

Digital marketing is an investment you need to make to grow your brand online. I’ll help you grow your business and strengthen your online presence month on month. My monthly prices and packages are tailor-built depending on exactly what you need and are as individual as your business, so let’s have a chat about what I can do for you.

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