5 Reasons You Need A Website

These days, everyone assumes that your business will have a website. It’s one of the standard things you need to get going! No matter what sort of business you’re running, it is essential these days that you have your own website for your customers. Let’s have a look at why this really matters:


1. Your customers need it.


What’s the first thing you do when you want to look at someone’s work, buy their album, or find their shop? Google, every time! If you take a quick scan (let’s be honest, do you ever make it to the bottom of the first page, let alone beyond?) and don’t see them there pretty fast, what do you do next? Sometimes even worse, you see their site and click through to find something designed maybe 10 years ago or so, with an awful design and that’s really hard to find your way around. Both of these are seriously off-putting, sometimes enough to turn people away from your business and straight into the arms of your competitor. Recent studies have also shown that customers tend to go straight to your website for the information they need, rather than social media.


2. Your competitors have them.


Speaking of your competitors, you need to stand out from the crowd! Some sectors tend to keep very up to date with their website design and value user experience, and some tend not to. Consumers decide in 0.05 seconds what they think of your website (yikes!), and if that isn’t enough to make you want to have a beautifully designed site to stand out from your competitors, I don’t know what is!


3. Somewhere to sell your products and showcase your services.


Do you need somewhere to sell your products online, where you can easily update what items you have in stock? Your own website can be secure to accept online payments and easy to keep organised. Or maybe you need a place online to showcase your services, or a gallery for your photography? Having your work online is the easiest way to showcase it to prospective clients, and in turn get more work.


4. Communication with your customers.


Having your own website and blog gives you a direct way to speak to your customers. Not only does this give you a bespoke platform to showcase your services to your customers, you can update your customers directly about what’s happening with your business, events, new products, or anything you like! You can also lead to other methods of communication from your website too, like giving your customers somewhere to sign up to your email list or linking to your social media channels.


5. Online marketing.


Marketing has been changed completely since the internet came around. There’s a whole world of online marketing techniques that you won’t have access to at all if you don’t have a website. Google Analytics, SEO optimisation and different marketing techniques and analytics mean you have more ways to understand your consumers and habits than ever before.


These are just a few of the reasons that having a website can serve your business in a huge way. Get in touch with me here to discuss how we can get building your beautiful new website.

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