What Are The Top Two Reasons You Need An Amazing Website?

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What Are The Top Two Reasons You Need An Amazing Website?


If there is one thing I know for sure in life, it is that toddlers are like parrots. They hear something once, they are going to repeat it. When Old Town Road first came out, my eldest son knew all the words within seconds and took it upon himself to serenade the family, all day, every day, for weeks. The wee one, he copies anything he hears from his beloved older brother. If either of them find a book that they like, you better believe we are reading it over and over again. And if they hear a new word, well that is the word of the week (especially when we pick up on Dad saying a “bad word”). This kind of repetition is played up in movies and jokes on the internet. How many posts have we seen about mum and dad slowly going nutty while watching Frozen for the 10,000th time? How many times can a person handle the PAW Patrol theme song in a day before they break?

Much like my kids asking to hear their favourite song again (for the 18th time this hour!), I feel the need to reiterate the value of having an amazing website. I have said it before, and I know I will say it again!

Your website is your hub. It is your identity, your shop front, your office, and your home base, all at once. A website presents your business in the most compact and accessible format, with the potential to reach audiences worldwide. It is a means of conveying information, promoting your products and services, connecting with your audience, and illustrating who you are. What’s more? It offers your audience an invitation into your world. 

An online presence is an integral aspect of nearly any growing business, being a key point of contact for customers and clients. Social media has its place, but it doesn’t have the impact of a website. And it is especially important now given the current state of the world, as businesses must largely move online for the foreseeable future.

Yes, I have said this all before. But I have to say it again! You need a website.

Ok, stop! Let’s backtrack. I have said that before… but I might have jumped the gun. Yes, a business needs a website. Yes, it is a key to success. But will it really help you land big-ticket offers and high-value clients? 

The answer is yes! But the answer is also no. Simply having a website is not enough to attract high-ticket, dream clients. It all depends on the website itself. A hastily made, low-quality website? That could lead to an immediate “no”. And in some cases, a poorly designed site may do more damage than having no site at all. 

On the other hand? A well-designed, credible website will help you attract that aforementioned dream client! What could be more important? Working with your ideal client – someone who is on your wavelength, shares your values and intentions, and is working towards the same goals –   is exactly what your are striving for. That client will be looking for the same thing, and your website is the ultimate place to let them know. Social media may work in some regards, but it doesn’t have the reach of a website. 

An additional note, to highlight the practical value of a website: it offers credibility. While you and your client may both be looking for a good working match (whether on a professional level, spiritual level or energetic level) it is especially important to your client that they know you are a credible business. A good website provides potential customers with all the information they require, in a clear, concise manner. As a customer, the majority of people will not seek out the services of a business they cannot first research. Having an online presence bridges that gap. 


Take The Next Step

In business, there are many risks you have to take in order to be successful. I say “be successful” here, and not “reach your goal” because owning a business is a constant journey, with no end destination. There are so many different paths you can choose, so many small decisions that make a significant impact. With websites, starting small is wise, but when you start focusing on those high-ticket clients and you’re ready to upgrade, it’s time to take that big step. 

Let’s dive a bit deeper and find out why an amazing website is so integral to the success of both you and your clients!


Reason 1: Attract Your Dream Client

Websites are quickly becoming the key markets in modern society. This is especially relevant now due to our current state of affairs, amongst stay-at-home orders and self-quarantine. And while online shops and virtual appointments won’t be our only option forever, the need for them will still be just as valuable. This has become notably apparent during our current health crisis, as many of us are just beginning to truly understand the value of services accessible at a distance.

Whether a customer or client is seeking products or services, it is near guaranteed that the person in question will do some research before any transaction happens. Whether this is browsing a physical shop, asking friends for recommendations, or researching services online, the opportunity to learn about a business isn’t just utile, but necessary.

In having a website, you provide clients with a space in which to conduct all research. Word of mouth is great for recommendations, and Facebook can be a good option when you can’t afford a website budget, but neither of these options provide everything at once. 

There is only so much you can do with a Facebook page. You have no choice but to use the template provided; the same template as every other business. Of course you can add your own branding, share a little blurb in the “About” section, and sprinkle your feed with captivating photos, but it simply doesn’t have the impact or professionalism of a website.

A stellar website, however, offers everything needed in a carefully-crafted, thoughtfully-designed package, specific to your audience. This allows you to plan how you will present yourself. You can curate the content and adjust the different pages, the navigation pathways, the drop down menus, and so on, to meet the needs of your audience, all while guiding them towards the most important information. Unlike social media, you have the full freedom to express who you are and what you stand for, on your own page, designed the way you like it. 

Rather than simply sharing a brief “about me” snippet with your audience, you design your own narrative. You can share your values and beliefs, present you goals and intentions, and show the world who you are, inside and out. It allows you to tell the real story, not just the history of the business, but your own personal history. You can share about your past, share parts of your present life, share your dreams for the future. 

Simply put, you are inviting customers to see the face behind the business. This openness and vulnerability is what attracts the ideal client. Having the courage to show who you are allows likeminded people to find you and show you the same. This is the key to finding clients whose values and intentions align with your own.

On a more technical level, it also allows for relationship-building opportunities with your potential clients. Yes, you can chat with people on Facebook or Instagram, but it simply doesn’t have the impact of a personal email or apropos newsletter. You can sell products through any of the various social media marketplaces, but it isn’t the same as providing customers with a curated shop, specific to your business. 

A good website is powerful. As the tech-age charges forward, the need for a business website will only continue to grow. Presenting you audience with an appealing home base – one that offers, not only all vital information, but an invitation into the world of the business owner – will only augment your draw. As potential new clients and customers come along, the ones with whom you build a relationship will want to stick around, knowing that they are working with a real person, with hopes, and plans, and goals, just like them.


Reason 2: Credibility

A well-designed website is one of the key aspects in earning credibility. It shows your audience that you have taken the time, effort and investment to create an accessible portal in which they can learn, shop, and communicate with you about your products and services. Moreover, it gives your clients an idea of what kind of work you are willing to put into them.

A high-value website presents an air of professionalism necessary in the business world. Whether you are a giant corporation or a small mom-and-pop operation, you want your customers and clients to feel comfortable and confident that you will provide them with reputable products and services. 

Investing funds into a half-baked website or whipping up a shoddy homepage, simply for the sake of having an online presence? Well that just won’t cut it! Presenting your audience with a poorly designed website can do more to ruin your credibility than having no website at all. It can make a client think twice about acquiring your services. In some cases, it can lead to an immediate no. 

There is nothing wrong with shopping around for the right web designer. Just like the search for your own ideal client, it is also important to be that ideal client. When you are on the customer side, you still want to make that connection. It goes both ways. But if you simply shop around for the lowest price, your website will reflect that. A minimal investment will produce a minimal job. If that is how you are treating your business, you will attract the same in return. 

This isn’t to say that you must splurge on all the bells and whistles. If you are a small business with near zero marketing budget, this might be the time to choose social media over a website. But if you are planning for a website and your main focus is price and profit over care and quality, you will get for what you pay for, instead of getting the best results.

When someone visits your site, the first thing they will do is pass judgement. I know this might sound like a grand generalisation, but it is, in fact, fact! Numerous studies have measured the speed at which most web-users judge a website. The subconscious action happens within a split-second, but the judgement itself can be eternal. From colours and font, to layout and navigation, to loading speed – your audience will judge. And if they judge your website, you better believe they are judging your business.

This judgement isn’t a bad thing. It is a natural reaction, based on what we see, but also what we feel. If we see something dangerous, we may feel afraid, or anxious, or even excited. For most people, however, we won’t pause and think to ourselves, “This explosion is thrilling. I am so very excited.” Rather, we feel our feelings, bookmarking that experience as exciting without even realising it. On a subconscious level, we now associate explosions with a thrill and may seek out a similar experience next time we want a rush (hopefully in the form of an action movie, not a genuine explosion). 

This immediate reaction and subconscious referencing is comparable when it comes to websites. Web users recognise quality, using that subconscious checklist to scan a homepage and note any flaws. Is the text legible? Is it easy to navigate? Are the visuals clear and relevant? Anything from a lack of organisation to a slow-loading page can set off the alarm bells, warning potential leads away from your site, and ultimately, your business.


Reason Enough

Of course there are more than two reasons why you need an amazing website, but I genuinely feel like these two are key! Attracting your dream client is important, yes, but if you can’t show your client that you are a credible business, then what is the point? Your website is more than just your online space, so make it show! It is an opportunity to tell the world what you’re all about, on more than just a business level. It is essential in attracting likeminded people that share your values and want to work towards the same goals as you.

Ensuring your website is credible demonstrates your willingness to invest in yourself and the things you care about, and in turn, your clients. This leads to trust and brand loyalty, and creates connections that grow into long-term working relationships. Having an amazing website – one that ticks these boxes – will provides your audience with both fundamental offerings. 

And what do you get in return? Dream clients; dream job; dream life!


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