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This project was a redesign for an amazing local swim school for babies and children, Merbabies.

Anna Payne is the founder of Merbabies, and also a totally inspiring businesswoman! I was so excited to work on this with her, and had such a great time redesigning her website.
Anna started Merbabies about 2 years ago and designed her own website to get going. Now that she’s built up her business and has a larger audience, she felt the time was right to get everything rebranded and her site rebuilt.
She had her branding redone by Julia Bastek, as well as lots of beautiful images. It was a brilliant experience to build a site that already had such strong visual assets! 





Anna was the perfect client to work with. She really clearly communicated everything about her brand, which in turn made it much easier for me to create a site that was exactly what she wanted.
Something else that made a huge difference here was StoryBrand! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen me talking about this book. Anna read it and worked through the framework while rewriting her copy, and we then used this heavily through the design of her site as well. I can’t recommend this book enough, so definitely check it out whether you’re designing your site or not (it will help with all of your marketing collateral too!).
I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work on this site, and as always, having a brilliant client makes all the difference. More like this, please!
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