Jenna Reid Music

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Jenna Reid Music


Jenna Reid is an award-winning Shetland fiddler and a wonderful composer.


I’ve known Jenna for a long time now and have always admired her music and work ethic. I was so pleased when she asked me to design her new website to coincide with the launch of her fifth solo album, ‘Working Hands’.


Jenna’s had websites with a number of bands she’s been a part of, but she’d never had her own site. It’s always nice to start from scratch and build something from the ground up. She also wanted a shop to sell her album on her site, so I built that functionality into her site as well.


While Jenna was recording her latest solo album, she had some beautiful black and white photos taken of some of the recording sessions. We used these almost exclusively for her site build, and based her design off of her dreamy recording photos and her album cover design.



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